Regardless of whether they planned to get Diablo: Reaper of Souls. Paragon leveling was made available to all characters D2R Items. Difficulty got a huge overhaul so that monsters can increase in difficulty based on your level. The difficulty levels were put in with new Normal, Hard Expert, Expert and Master.

There are also various Torment levels. Torment would yield greater rewards and was designed to encourage players in the endgame to continue to improve their skills and obtaining better loot. The patch also revised making crafting easier and also introduced a short-term experience boost called Pools of Reflection.

The most significant change which were promised were Loot 2.0. Although the loot game in the first release had flooded players with an abundance of useless loot, post-patch players found themselves getting significantly lesser loot, and what they did find was superior quality.

Loot could offer more bonus properties and bonuses, and those properties would be adapted to the player's individual build. Legendary items would offer skill modifiers or other game-changing properties more frequently.

With a firmer foundation, Reaper of Souls was ready to reintroduce lapsed players and entice new players who had skipped the initial experience, and grow the player base , by inviting console players in initially. The expansion was not only constructed on top of a significantly enhanced experience for players, it also added more features to the already impressive game. The expansion included a brand-new defensive class called the Crusader and a fifth story Act.

The new Adventure mode allowed the game to have an unheard of amount of time, and provided the ability for players to continue playing through missions and bounties for a long time without having to repeat campaign content. This was important due to the fact that Diablo was, in contrast to its predecessors, let you to freely respec your character without having to make alternate characters of the same type. The level cap was also raised from 60 to 70. Giving players more chance to build their character for endgame challenges.

"Whatever it is, Reaper of Souls has it," Carolyn Petit wrote in GameSpot's Diablo: Reaper of Souls review. "This expansion includes a great new character class, a wonderful new campaign, and most significantly, Adventure mode, a very clever Blizzard combination that is designed to buy D2R Ladder Items make Diablo's current content more satisfying and enjoyable than it has been in the past."

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