Let me focus on this particular World of wow tbc gold Warcraft league, since I believe it demonstrates at least one aspect that we're considering in esports. That is the need to develop an environment for esports that is sustainable and accessible. The community of players within that sport can be assured of security in what they do. Players can be the guarantee of minimum salary and can be part of teams with an assured place on the team. There is no chance of being dropped, and team owners know what the ecosystem has to offer them. The sponsors determine who they are able to sponsor and also that the teams and players will not disappear overnight.

I believe that one of the biggest challenges that we've faced, especially in the context of Esports and that's why it's somewhat chaotic everywhere there are a lot of teams, a lot of different participants, all of which have been changing rapidly. In the case of World of Warcraft League, we're working hard to provide some structure and a bit more stability, as well as allow more players to participate. We think that, given the level of excitement for esports, the number of people who participate in esports and our dedication for the community we've made it mandatory that we move to the next level and elevate esports to a higher degree, so that buy WOW TBC Classic Gold we can ensure the stability of the community for everyone who is involved, whether it's the athletes or team owners, or broadcasters, sponsors or anyone else.